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The age-old question: Should I take music exams? The exam structure is not for everyone and is never forced upon our students. Whilst there is more to being a good musician than simply learning how to pass an exam we believe the exam structure offers many advantages to students who wish to take them. 

  • Accredited certification A certificate of your achievement – good for the CV or personal statement.

  • External assessment Appraisal by professionals other than your private drum tutor.

  • Monitoring progress Know what level you’ve achieved compared to the grade criteria.

  • Working to a deadline Completing the study material and being ready for the exam date.

  • UCAS points Grades 6-8 award additional UCAS points for applying to university.

We offer Rock School exams at East Midlands  Drum Tuition. We proudly maintain a 100% pass rate for all students taking music exams grade 1-8 and over the years have proudly helped countless drummers succeed with each exam.

East Midlands Drum Tuition Drum Exams
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