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Will I learn on electric or acoustic drum kits?


Tom's studio has the option of acoustic and electric kits. Most of the teaching is done on the professional electronic kit as a lot of students have electronic kits at home and like to keep with the continuity of this for their lessons. However, the acoustic kit is always available for lessons should you wish to have your lessons on a acoustic kit.



Can I take grade exams?


Tom has a 100% pass rate across all grading exam boards and specialises in the Rockschool exam syllabus. Most students have achieved Merit or Distinction grades. As a classroom Music teacher Tom can also give guidance on GCSE, BTEC and A-level performances.



What are Tom's Qualifications?


Tom has 20 years drum kit tuition experience and a degree in Music. He is also a qualified classroom music teacher (QTS Award) guaranteeing professional industry standard tuition at all times.



How long are lessons?


Lessons are normally an hour or 30 minutes and can be weekly or fortnightly as both provide good musical development.

However some students have a lesson a month and this is fine. It is about what is right for you! Some students have group lessons to help with the cost of learning an instrument.



When and how do I pay?


You can pay by cash, cheque or Paypal at the end of your lesson. Some students like to pay in advance and this is fine.



What ages do you teach?


In general 5 and upwards works well, but there are no rules. Each student is treated individually and Tom is happy to take trial lessons with younger students to see if they are ready.



What do I need to take lessons? Do I need a drum kit?


Everything you need at lessons will be provided. It is recommended that you have your own sticks to practice between lessons, but most material can be practiced without a drum kit; certainly in the early stages.



Will you travel to teach a lesson?


If you have your own drum kit Tom is more than happy to travel to you for a lesson. 



Do you teach adults and children?


Both adults and children have lessons. You are never too old to learn an instrument!



Will I have fun?


Whether you are learning for fun, wanting to complete grades or an experienced drummer wanting to develop your skills. It’s important that you have fun and enjoy your drum lessons. Tom will offer a fun an engaging environment to develop your drumming skills.

East Midlands Drum Tuition
East Midlands Drum Tuition
East Midlands Drum Tuition
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