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Teaching Drum Lessons To Younger Students in Loughborough and East Leake

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

I has been another really busy week of teaching and I realised that I am now teaching a lot of younger students. My youngest student is 4. The key to keeping younger students engaged in drum lessons is enthusiasm. Young students bring so much fantastic energy to their drum lessons and it's all about connecting their interests into music. This week at East Midlands Drum Tuition we have been working on superhero drum compositions. I made a simple sheet with an Intro, Beginning and End and put some key terms such as dynamics and tempo on the sheet. In addition to this a simple sticking pattern of RL RL RL RL and doubles RR LL RR LL.

The results were excellent and two students who I teach at the same time Teddy and Zander loved the lesson. We had a full composition in 30 minutes and the vibe and energy of the lessons was brilliant.

I'm really enjoying teaching children and my teaching background certainly helps with this. There are so many young drummers out there and it is great fun offering them drum lessons in my teaching studio in East Leake Loughborough.

For all information on drum lessons in Loughborough please visit

All information on my teaching qualifications and background are here:

I look forward to teaching more drum lessons to children and younger students around Loughborough and East Leake.

Many thanks,


East Midlands Drum Tuition

Drum Lessons - East Midlands Drum Tuition
East Midlands Drum Tuition

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